Team Building Activities in Charleston, SC

Team Building Activities in Charleston, SC
Charleston, SC is the perfect place to go out with your team for a team building adventure! Whether it’s an outdoor adventure through the historic streets of Charleston or the indoor Deep Water Adventure in the South Carolina Aquarium, this will surely be a day to remember.
Armed with smart phones, your team will search for clues at the Charleston City Market, White Point Gardens and the Charleston Historic District in our ScavengerQuest treasure hunt.
Find hidden clues in the most inconspicuous places: On the side of a centuries old church, on the rooftop architecture of an old country store, or on a hard-to-find sign about something that has happened long ago. This competition is friendly, but that doesn’t take away anybody’s desire to win.

Team Building Activities in Charleston, SCIf you want to head inside for yor team building exercise, consider Deep Water Adventure at the South Carolina Aquarium. In the future, humanity has spread beyond the realm of today’s countries, and people are using seafaring technology to explore the world’s oceans.

The Oceanic Peace Force enforces the law in the world’s oceans, and there’s a growing threat they need to deal with. Your team will become a part of the Oceanic Peace Force and take on the task of protecting the seas. They’ll have to work together and use their problem solving skills if they want to neutralize the enemy threat…and they’ll have to work fast since time is running out!

You can choose a local conference center or hotel for an assortment of other team building activities. Have you ever wondered why you get along with some people and clash with others? Conflicting personalities don’t have to be a problem as long as you know how to effectively communicate with people and empathize with them, and our Taking Flight with DISC program can help your employees learn more about their other co-workers and even a little about themselves. Each employee will complete a profile that uses the DISC behavioral model, and then receive useful information that analyses their personality and gives them advice on how to form productive relationships. Your employees will be surprised to learn about how their personality affects the people around them, and even learn how to get along better with their fellow workers.

Team Building Activities in Charleston, SCMaybe you want something just for fun. If you live for episodes of Cake Boss and drool over Pinterest baking boards, you’ll love our You Take the Cake! exercise. Your employees will be split into teams and given a large sheet cake to sculpt and decorate.

They won’t be making any old design; they’ll have to work together to decorate their cake in a way that represents their team’s overall dynamic. At the end of the day they’ll be able to show off their unique designs and revel in their creativity.