Team Building in Cleveland, Ohio

Team Building in Cleveland, Ohio
Cleveland, OH is an ideal backdrop to many of our team building programs that we can lead in any resort. We can even lead onsite at your conference room!Team Builders Plus has been leading engaging leadership training sessions and corporate team building activities since 1991.

Wheels for the World is a great program that combines team building and a little heart. Give back to your community while building your teams. Teams compete in wacky and high-energy challenges to earn bike parts and then build and decorate them. Just when everyone thinks the activity is over, the kids in need burst into the room to receive their new bikes and there isn’t a dry eye in the house. Wheels for the World is a great philanthropic team building activity year round and the perfect complement to your next holiday event.

Bet you never thought you’d be getting acquainted with the power of chi on a work day with your coworkers by your side! But understanding the different forms of chi and applying them to the workplace can actually be very useful in helping you understand those around you through our Team Samurai program. Get some high-quality martial arts training in this day long teambuilding exercise and return to work with more patience, emotional intelligence, and a level head. You’ll find it’s much easier to communicate with your coworkers when you understand their chi as well as your own.

You’re immediately transported to the 1940’s as you walk onto the battleship and are greeted by the sights and sounds of a decade long past. A man in uniform hands you a baseball cap and says, “Welcome to the Navy’s Special Forces.” You’ve always said you wanted to travel, but creating and executing a plan to invade a foreign land is a whole different story! Luckily, you’ve got coworkers who are good at navigating, taking calculated risks, and developing secret codes for communication, so you think you’ll come out the other side victorious! Don’t worry, Battleship Adventure does not require a real battleship. We lead this team building activity in any conference room.
Team Building in Cleveland, OhioTeam Building in Cleveland, Ohio