Team Building Activities in Jacksonville, FL

Team Building Activities in Jacksonville, FL
Our corporate team building activities in Jacksonville, FL take a unique look at team development, communication skills, leadership development and team dynamics. Becoming a better, more organized and successful group is within your reach and Team Builders Plus offers many team building ideas in the Jacksonville area just for you.

Team Building Activities in Jacksonville, FLYou can race through the streets along Jacksonville Landing as you and your teams search for hidden clues in the ScavengerQuest and Ultimate Race treasure hunts. Guided by smart phones and your clue packets, you will need strategy and teamwork to find the clues.

Make it a race or take your time and enjoy the day. We also have a hunt designed at the Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens called ZooQuest if you are looking for something on the wild side.

We also offer a treasure hunt in historic St. Augustine just down the road!

And while you are at the zoo, spend all day there and add Jungle Adventure to your agenda. This indoor team building activity transports your team to 1912 Africa and it’s up to you to save endangered gorillas from poachers. Planning, communication, teamwork, collaboration and leadership skills are required if everyone is going to save the gorillas and be successful.

If you’re looking to beat the heat with an indoor activity at a Jacksonville hotel or conference center, then we have just what you’re looking for! In our You Take the Cake! team building activity when your team arrives they be greeted by an inspiring video explaining what the power of working together can achieve. One by one, award winning cakes will appear on the screen, providing evidence that anything is possible when a group can work as a unit. Then, they must fashion a cake that represents their team using the tools and ingredients provided. After the cake is finished, the team will have the chance to make a commercial to advertise what their companionship has created! By the end of the day, each member will have learned team dynamics, phases of the creation process, and how to innovate as a group.