Teams Building Activities in Kansas City, Missouri

Teams Building Activities in Kansas City, Missouri
Kansas City is home to great professional sports teams like the Chiefs, the Royals and across the river, the MLS club Sporting Kansas City. It’s also a great place to hold your next team building event.
ScavengerQuest begins in Crown Center Square, within sight of the headquarters of Hallmark Cards. This fun, high-energy team building activity will quickly get your team exploring local landmarks like Union Station, the National World War I Museum at Liberty Memorial, Penn Valley Park and of course, Crown Center itself. Utilizing smart phones, teams of 4 or 5 navigate from point to point searching for the hidden answers to the clues on their worksheets. Your team will have a blast finding answers that range from the funny to the historic, while strategizing to make the most of their time on the course.

Teams Building Activities in Kansas City, MissouriIf your group would like to take on the role of crime scene investigator, the CSI: On Location team building activity will test their sleuthing skills. After being sworn in as CSI agents, teams of 4-5 will help rid the Power & Light District of a mini “crime wave”.

Whether it’s a case of larceny at the Hotel President , vandalism at City Hall or a missing person at the Convention Center, solving these crimes takes some brains, along with some good old-fashioned shoe leather.

Take a walk on the wild side and venture out to the Kansas City Zoo. The Zoo is very spacious, making it ideal for our ZooQuest, the zoo version of our GeoQuest team building activity. Your team will get a chance to check out the exhibits and see the animals as they navigate through the zoo. If you’d like to make it a full day team event, add Jungle Adventure to the mix. Jungle Adventure pits your team against some evil poachers intent on capturing and injuring the rare gorillas in your rainforest. It’s up to you to protect them. The clock is running; you’ve only got 20 days to construct the observation towers that will stop the poachers from doing the gorillas harm. Teamwork, clear communication and effective resource allocation are the keys to success in the activity. But the real value is the learning your team can bring back to the workplace that will make a positive impact on their productivity.