Team Building Activities in Milwaukee, WI

Team Building Activities in Milwaukee, WI

Team Building Activities in Milwaukee, WIMilwaukee is the largest city in Wisconsin, the 30th most populous state in the entire nation, and five great naval ships have borne its name. From the boats along the shores and bluffs of Lake Michigan to towering skyscrapers, every inch of this historic city exemplifies unity and cooperative work. With a long list of interactive team building activities and leadership training programs, you and your can count on Team Builders Plus to lead your next activity with a Milwaukee flavor baked in.

With over 2500 animals, the Milwaukee County Zoo is an amazing location for a team building activity. Our treasure hunt, ScavengerQuest, takes your team on a three hour adventure through the zoo.

Teams of four to five participants search for hidden clues among the exhibits, and unearth fascinating facts about the zoo’s inhabitants, all with the aid of a handheld GPS unit. Your team uses strategy and teamwork to figure out their plan to find as many of the clues as they can during the time allowed. You provide the shoe leather and brainpower and we’ll provide the clue packets, GPS units, and facilitator fun!

Team Building Activities in Milwaukee, WIWhy not spend the entire day at the zoo and dive a bit deeper into the dynamic of your team with Jungle Adventure. This fast-paced indoor team building activity transports your team to 1912 Africa on a mission to save endangered gorillas.

The poachers are hot on your trail and as you complete a series of missions to construct lookout towers that save the gorillas. Teamwork, communication, collaboration and leadership skills will all play a vital role in this energetic team building activity.

We also offer many other team building ideas that can be led in any conference room at your facility or at a resort like our Wheels for the World, SmileKits, Team Samuari or Step Up to Accountability sessions. Each of our team building ideas are engaging and we lead a wide range of fun, team bonding events to leadership development programs.