Team Building Activities in Monterey, CA

Team Building Activities in Monterey, CA
Monterey, CA is a beautiful waterfront community and a picturesque location for team building activities. The Monterey Bay Aquarium is ideal for diving deep into team dynamics or enjoying the outdoors battling for the gold. Whatever type of the team building activity you are looking for; Team Builders Plus has the program for you.
It was present day when you entered the Monterey Bay Aquarium but when you stepped foot inside the conference room, you were transported to 2144. You are now part of the Oceanic Peace Force and an unknown enemy is threatening all life in the oceans. You and your team must dive deep and work together during this fast-paced team building activity. Communication and collaboration are the keys to success during your Deep Water Adventure.

Team Building Activities in Monterey, CAWhen you visit Monterey or if you are fortunate enough to work here all year round, how can you not want to take in the atmosphere with an outdoor team building activity? Gold Medal Games can take place on the beach or in any park.

Race against your peers in fun, energetic competitive games as you strive to win a gold, silver or bronze medal. Our Gold Medal Games team building activity is a perfect pair with a corporate barbecue or summer celebration.

If you are looking for a philanthropic opportunity, Wheels for the World (a bike building team activity) or SmileKits, are perfect programs for you. SmileKits enables your team to take part in a team building activity while giving back to a children’s hospital, pet shelter or even our active US troops overseas. We contact the charitable organization to find out what is on their wish list while you and your team complete fun challenges to earn those items. You will have an opportunity to put your creative hats on as you color and create a design on totes that will hold the wish list items. Your kits will truly put smiles on so many faces.