Team Building Activities in New York

Team Building Activities in New York

Team Building Activities in New YorkNew York City is a one of a kind city and a magnificent venue for your next team event.

If your group would like to have fun while testing their sleuthing skills, try our CSI: NegativeZero NYC team building activity, centered around Grand Central Station. A mini crime wave has struck mid-town Manhattan and the NYPD needs your group’s help. Teams of 4-6 fan out to solve a variety of cases, from missing persons to the theft of a famous statue to a possible homicide. Their caseload will send them down Park Ave. to the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, onto the concourse of Grand Central Station, past Bryant Park and the New York City Library lions and even to the edge of Times Square and Broadway. Sharp minds, good detective work and some old fashioned shoe leather will help your team of crime scene investigators solve these crimes and bring law & order back to the city.

If you’ve seen “A Night at the Museum” (sure, we know it was because of your kids…), you’re familiar with the iconic entrance to the American Museum of Natural History. As you head up those steps past the statue of Teddy Roosevelt on his horse, you may wonder if the inside looks just like it does in the movie too. Well, of course Hollywood took some artistic license with the interiors shown in the film, but you’ll see the elements and exhibits that inspired the movie all around you. What better way to explore and see it all than our ClueQuest team building activity. We’ll divide your group into teams of 5 and arm them with a series of engaging puzzles and riddles that can only be solved by seeking the answers in every corner of the museum. Teams will pass by dinosaur skeletons (including a T-Rex), massive asteroids, famous jewels, wild animals, scary insects, rare plants and even a large stone head (Dum Dum?). It’s a great way to have fun and maybe learn a little something too.

Team Building Activities in New YorkCentral Park is almost as famous as New York City itself. Covering 843 acres, or almost 6% of Manhattan, Central Park is an oasis of green and a prime destination for tourists and locals alike. Give your group a chance to enjoy the park’s natural beauty with our Treasure Hunts team building activities.

Navigating with hand-held GPS units, teams of 5 will traverse winding paths through the trees and lawns to discover the answers to hidden clues. Teamwork, strategy and communication, as well as a sense of fun are the keys to success in this fast-paced, high energy adventure.

New Yorkers can be hard to shock. But if you’d like to try, Kindness Wins can be just the activity to do it. Teams of 4-8 compete with one another to see which one can do the most random acts of kindness for others before time runs out. This team building activity can be run anywhere there are large numbers of people, from Battery Park to the South Street Seaport to Times Square. It’s a great way for your group to pay it forward a little, and bring some smiles to the faces of a few strangers.

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