Team Building Activities in Oklahoma City, OK

Team Building Activities in Oklahoma City, OK
Team Builders Plus provides interactive team building activities and leadership training programs in Oklahoma City, OK. We can add fun, learning and excitement to make your next meeting or conference a memorable one whether you looking for an onsite activity or arranging an event at the Cox Convention Center.

Team Building Activities in Oklahoma City, OKIf you’re looking for a fun outdoor team building activity and a great way to experience the city, check out ScavengerQuest and Ultimate Race. Our treasure hunt begins at the Santa Fe Plaza and if you are hosting your meeting at the convention center, you are in luck.

Our course is only one block away. You and your teams will be guided around the area with smartphones and clue packets as you search for details in the architecture, signs and statues. Complete puzzles, take photos and complete challenges to earn points as you bond with your peers and improve teamwork.

Taking Flight with DISC is an enlightening and engaging way to improve communication skills within your team and your organization. Through interactive exercises, you will learn what your communication style is and how to adapt your style based on your audience. DISC is a powerful tool that leaders use in coaching sessions, team meetings and distributing important information company wide.

For a team building activity that really has major impact on both your team and your community, try Wheels for the World. Your teams take part in challenges to earn bike parts. Once you build and decorate the bikes, the moment that you’ll never forget happens. Kids burst into the room to get bikes they never would have received if it weren’t for you and the power of teamwork. There won’t be a dry eye in the house when you see the kids hop on their brand new bikes.