Team Building Activities in Philadelphia, PA

Team Building Activities in Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia is known as The City of Brotherly Love and is the cradle of our democracy. The Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation and US Constitution were all written here. Philadelphia was host to the First and Second Continental Congresses, and also served as the nation’s capital during the Revolutionary War while Washington DC was under construction.

Team Building Activities in Philadelphia, PAThe ScavengerQuest: High Tech Treasure Hunt team building activity connects your group with Philadelphia’s rich history. As teams of 5 navigate from point to point with hand-held smartphones, they’ll visit famous landmarks like Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, the US Mint, Ben Franklin’s house, First Bank of the US, and the oldest continually occupied street in America just to name a few.

This highly engaging team activity really brings Philadelphia to life. But not only for visitors, even life-long residents will discover something new about their hometown while out on the course.

Team Building Activities in Philadelphia, PAAnother great way to explore the city is with the Ultimate Race. Much like the TV show, teams race from point to point cataloging their exploits with cameras – from eating a cheesesteak in Reading Terminal Market to standing on Rocky’s footsteps in front of the Art Museum. The teams that can complete their challenges the quickest will be able to claim victory is this fast paced team event.

Of course, if you’d like to take your group inside out of the weather, the Franklin Institute is a great venue for two of our indoor team building activities: ClueQuest and Intergalactic Adventure.

Team Building Activities in Philadelphia, PAClueQuest will allow your group to check out the fantastic exhibits in this top-notch science center while competing to find the answers to clues hidden throughout museum. Intergalactic Adventure uses a deep space theme to pit teams against a race of evil alien’s intent on destroying the Earth and all the life on it. In order to succeed, teams must work together, efficiently utilize resources, effectively communicate, and above all have fun!

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